· Energy saving ·

The LED is currently the world’s advanced lighting technology, its semiconductor chips as luminescent material, using electron and hole composite luminescence, converts electrical energy into light energy directly, electro-optic conversion efficiency is high. Therefore, the LED power consumption is only 1/5 to 1/10 of traditional light bulb, service life is 100 times that of the traditional light bulb. Now adopt the light efficiency of LED light source for more than 90 lm/W, 60 W LED street lamp traditional street lamp is equivalent to 150 W, 100 W LED street lamp of 250 W traditional street lamps, the tradition of 160 W LED street lamp is equivalent to 400 W street light. With the improvement of technology, increasing LED photoelectric conversion efficiency, energy saving effect will be further improved.

· Environmental protection ·

No pollution, no radiation, no harmful substances: for example, the city has 130000 lamp lighting street lamps, if the city street lamp replacement for all 250 w by 100 w LED street lamps, calculated according to lighting 10 hours a day, the city of LED street lamp can save electricity about 140 million KWH (equivalent to save 51000 tons of standard coal), reduce carbon dioxide emissions about 134000 tons , 440 tons of sulfur dioxide and 380tons of nitrogen oxides. This is not only beneficial to save energy and the society management cost, reduce the production of harmful substances or gas, but also help alleviate the power load, optimize the industrial structure adjustment.

· Human ergonomics light distribution·

Carefully designed two light distribution system, can form the bat wing spot, uniform light distribution, conform to the requirements of the road lighting standards at home and abroad. Meet the road visual habit with light and color scheme, make full use of the characteristics of the human eye is sensitive to brightness and unable to detect intensity of illumination, brightness and intensity of illumination light distrib -ution, such as integrated design, put an end to the road sight spots and sight spots, make the road workers feel comfortable.

· Good heat dissipation, high stability, long service life·

Hot honeycomb effect heat: To imitate the combustion principle of honeycomb briquet, because of the center are not exposed to air, solid coal burning slow and inadequate, after do the hole in the center, as a result of air convection, make its fast burning, it is burning hot honeycomb effect. Similarly, originally the whole radiator dispersed into multiple modules, using thermal cellular effect, make the air convection, fully through the module, the gap between quickly take away heat, can reduce the temperature of 20 ℃ or so. Whole structure of the heat dissipation: The support was the function of module bracket clever use, make it become a "carrier" heat transfer, heat conduction the module to just decorative lamp shell, make its radiator cooling auxiliary module, so as to make the best use of lamp shell surface, make it to participate in the transfer heat to the air. Adopt the original CREE light source as a module of luminous body, effectively reduce the LED chip and LED stent and LED stent and radiator thermal resistance between

· Automatically dimming ·

Automatic Control System Is Optional, To Adjust Power, Improve The Efficiency Of Energy Saving, Such As: The Street Lamp Lighting, The Power Supply Output Current Is 1.0 A, 5 Light Up After 5 Hours Continuously, Its Output Current Automatically Adjust To 0.5 A.

· Free tools maintenance·

With special structural design, make lamps and lanterns of components (mainly module and power supply) can tear open outfit unarmed, considering the general street lamp installation for high altitude, starting from the convenience and safety, as far as possible with the aid of tools or not.

· Free matching·

Can freely according to different requirements of power wattage tie-in and different number of modules, random combination of different power street lamps.

· High color rendering ·

LED light source color rendering and much higher than the traditional street lamp light source (generally for high pressure sodium lamp, or mercury lamp), good color rendering, at the same time. Considering visual application among them, the safety of the LED street lamp is higher. Yellow color restore ability is poor, from the traditional street lamp is its natural can’t overcome the disadvantages of, under the high pressure sodium lamp, all is according to the color of things because yellow and distortion, and prone to blurred vision. And this series of street lamp light source spectrum is close to the sun, performance effect is good, no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic interference, without any harm to eyesight, has excellent color expressive force and and visibility. Compared with high pressure sodium lamp yellow light, it can better ensure road safety and comfort, reduce the number of traffic accidents; And because the light is bright, can give a person the psychological security, and also helpful to prevent urban crime. Because it is a solid cold light source, the spectrum is close to the sun, so for the growth of plants have some help, completely solve the traditional street light damage to the plant growth and is the ideal lighting option.

· "Ultra Robust" module technology·

Each LED equipped with bypass protection, cooperate with single way all series structure, no matter open circuit or short circuit fault happens, will not affect other LED current and voltage distribution, a single LED fails, the other LED can work properly, thus to prolong the period of the module.

· Convenient operation on spare parts and components ·

Dealers or end customers only need to prepare a small quantity of power supplies and modules as spare parts, which makes it much more convenient for the storage and replacements, compared to traditional integrated-plate lights which is characterized by a large storage space required and inconvenient replacements.